Taleem Zaroor's mission is to empower economically disadvantaged girl children in India by identifying their potential, providing educational support, and managing their financial needs for education, to help them succeed in high school and pursue higher education to be employable ready.

Our Mission

Community Engagement

Collaboration with local communities to identify girl children who demonstrate a strong interest and passion for pursuing their school and higher education.

Educational Support

We work closely with the students providing guidance and mentorship to help them navigate through global educational disciplines by coaching and to integrate students into the global employability space.

selective focus photo of girl in shirt smiling
selective focus photo of girl in shirt smiling
Financial Responsibility

We take on the responsibility of managing the financial aspects of these student's education, working alongside their parents to ensure that the student's fiscal challenges are met.

Equality and Justice

Promoting girl education is a fundamental step towards gender equality. It challenges traditional gender norms and paves the way for a more just and inclusive society where every individual has an equal opportunity to succeed.

Educating one girl child means educating an entire family

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